In 2018, we had the opportunity to complete a mobile home lift and levelling project in Barrhead, Alberta.

Barrhead Alberta Mobile Home Leveling Job

Mobile Home Leveling Job in Barrhead, Alberta

The home had been installed just 7 years prior and preparations for the site was pretty good.

Over the years it had settled a couple of inches and was out of level. This was starting to cause buckling on the skirting in places in addition to cracks in the ceiling.

It was installed on a good gravel pad, had poly, anchors and treated 4×6 lumber for the blocking on the ground.

We always insist on using treated pads versus 2 or 3 pieces of lumber for the blocking base.

Using a 2’ by 2’ treated pad instead of three 2×4 boards gives you over 30% more ground contact surface area.

It is inevitable for a new install to need to be tweaked due to the initial settling. Utilizing pads can reduce the amount of sinking significantly.

Either way, we took off the mobile home skirting we needed to and got to work. The home had a deck along the one side of the home so a fair bit of crawling was involved.

Using large ground pads, a lot of blocking, multiple jacks and metal plates to protect the mobile home frame we lifted the home over 2” in places. We then re-levelled the frame within a 1/8” using our smart digital water level. Re-aligned and shimmed the existing blocking to support it at its new elevation.

Because the homeowner was proactive.

It got us there before the skirting was compressed too much and snapped, they didn’t have the damage we see too often letting animal and the elements under their home.

If you are thinking about getting a mobile home improvement project done, a square and true foundation is always the best place to start. We are also happy to offer in-house financing so you can get it done when you need to.