We got a call in spring 2018, asking for us to come to do an assessment on a manufactured home in Westlock, Alberta.

She had water from the snow melting in a nearby field run-off and flow under her home. The water must have been really flowing as it had pulled out her vinyl skirting panels on one side of her home!

We did the assessment and discovered a few issues, a couple minor and a couple concerning.

The biggest concerns we had was that when the home was installed over 10 years ago, the installers had not followed the manufactures blocking layout requirements.

We noticed the spacing of the support blocking locations seems further than typical. We measured and got the paperwork from the manufacturer to verify the placement. Two locations were missing, and the remaining blocking was just spread out to try and accommodate for it.

This lack of support plus the water is what led to the home sinking multiple inches over the years.

Westlock tipped gas line from sinking mobile home

Tilting Gas Meter From Sinking Mobile Home

This led us to our other concerning discovery, the gas line was being pushed down by the mobile home sinking and it had the gas meter leaning over quite a bit!

Westlock Alberta Modular home bellybag rip

There was the typical plumbing repair that was sealed up using duct tape.

Duct tape can do wonders, but time and time again we see it fail in belly bag repairs. This is why we use actually belly bag material, specially designed belly bag repair tape and a formulated glue designed for bonding the patch and original belly bag materials together.

Also, we had found the dryer vent had been disconnected. This is against code and a fire hazard, we do not recommend it as a way to heat the crawl space under your home.

When the time came to complete the work it took a couple of days. We were able to lift it up to 6” in places tiny increment at a time to not stress the frame or cause interior finish cracking.

While we were at it, we installed a fresh poly ground barrier as the original one was cut and damaged in multiple places.

While we raised and levelled the modular home we added two new loading blocking locations. Also re-positioned the existing ones to conform with the manufactured loading layout plans.

We also realigned them all to stack up evenly and corrected the offset cribbing on pads.

Westlock mobile home blocking off centered

Lastly, we patched up the belly bag properly and re-connected the dryer vent. The homeowner opted to replace the skirting themselves as the home was now at a higher elevation. We shared some installation tips and instructions as well as material list and local supplier name. We are always happy to help in any way, even if we don’t win the job. Thankfully the drainage is also being taken care of.

This home is now well maintained and given new life to provide a safe home for the years to come.

If you have a home improvement project in mind whether it’s a minor tweak or to get you home in tip-top shape, we are happy to help and provide a free estimate.