We are proud to be the first to offer a crawlspace monitoring solution you can control from your computer or phone, while also getting email notifications if anything may not be as it should.

We install a control module under your home which you can connect to your Wi-Fi to see the status of sensors and devices as well as control the devices.

The system updates a central server daily and if a power failure or other issues are detected you will be notified before the issue creates a larger problem.

The system install starts at $350 + GST with a $3/month monitoring fee.

Learn about our membership packages which include monitoring here.

Sensors and Devices

We offer a few sensor/device options to connect to your control module:

  • Heat Tape Alarm
  • Moisture/Leak Alarm
  • Lights
  • Fans

Get email notifications:

  • If the heat tape isn’t warm when it is cold out
  • If leaks are detected under your home
  • If humidity is higher than it should
  • If the power to the control module is out

With this solution, you can rest easy with

  1. No more checking your heat tape
  2. No more not knowing if your bathroom is leaking
  3. No more not knowing the humidity is too high under your home