Heat Tape, Heat Trace and Heating Cable

There are multiple products to choose from to protect your water and plumbing pipes from freezing in the cold winters.

You need to match the right product with the right install. Some are even at risk of overheating or failing if not installed perfectly.

Heat Tape Installation

Tip: If you are concerned about freezing water lines due to lack of proper heat tape, running water through the pipe, even at a trickle will help prevent the water line from freezing until you can get it properly protected.

We provide your home with a premium heating cable solution.


Our heat tape is:


It adjusts the amount of heat provided based on the ambient temperature at each point along the cable vs standard heat tape which is either just on or off based on a temperature threshold.

Self Regulating Heat tape



The self-regulating takes away the worry of overheating while providing the most peace of mind that you will get the heat you need without the dangers you don’t.



Our product allows us to install it safely in more orientations to make it the most functional option to protect your pipes.


Choose us to protect below your home. Too often we are called out for a re-level due to waterlines breaking and saturating the ground causing the foundation to sink.


Be proactive and have our technician replace and upgrade your home.

We use the best cable solution. We also install a double foil reflective bubble wrap insulation around it to keep the heat where it needs to be.

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