There are many reasons to get your mobile home levelled, some of the most common might be:

  • Your home was set on a new pad in the last couple of years
  • The ground has settled over the years
  • You are about to do a renovation
  • Water has been flowing along or under your home
  • Your current blocking is rotting away

We offer a few different jacking services to best suit your needs.

Re-levels may be what you need if you are experiencing:

  • Doors swinging open or shut
  • Doors sticking in the jam or not closing or locking
  • Gaps around the exterior doors
  • Floor creaking
  • Windows not sliding, opening or closing properly
  • Skirting buckling
  • Feeling like you are walking up or downhill

Learn more about our re-levelling process here

If the home has been left sinking too long or you would like the structure higher off the ground we also offer Lifts in addition to our re-levels.

Sometimes it is just to get more space under the home to work on plumbing and such, other times we find the home has sunk over 6″ and is in need of a lift just to get back to its original elevation.


In many cases, we find the root cause of coming out of level be tied to the lack of weight distribution of the blocking on the ground. We can solve this by either adding additional loading points or switching out existing loading points for something with more surface area making contact with the ground.

Depending on your situation we offer a few blocking and cribbing solutions and would be happy to recommend a solution if your blocking is sub-par and causing issues.

Click here to learn more about or blocking and cribbing options

Lastly, not all sinking results in things going straight down. We are proud to have the equipment necessary to pick up and slide things laterally in order to get them where they need to be.

Many times we have seen additions and such ether be pushed or pulled away from the house. We offer Jack and Slide services to get things sitting tight together again.