Mobile Home Leveling

There are many reasons to get your mobile home levelled, some of the most common might be:

  • Your home was set on a new pad in the last couple of years
  • The ground has settled over the years
  • You are about to do a renovation
  • Water has been flowing along or under your home
  • Your current blocking is rotting away

No matter what the reason,

our 10 Step Process is here to help.

Step 1:

We want to hear about the observed symptoms you have made from being out of level which typically could include:

  • Exterior doors not closing, jamming and feeling tight
  • Windows won’t slide or crank
  • Skirting buckling or bowed in corners or sides
  • Eves-trough not working properly
  • Rolling uncontrollably out of bed
Step 2:
Information Gathering

Next, we get some pieces of information about the home, the site such as:

  • Size of the mobile home to be levelled
  • The height of the mobile home from the ground
  • If there is anything against or attached to the mobile home
  • What the condition of the pad the mobile home is sitting on is
  • What type of blocking the mobile home is sitting on


Step 3:
Scope and Quote

We may require a phone consultation, images or to come to do a site consultation to get you a quote price. Once we give a quote we stand by it.


Step 4:

Now that we have:

  1. Identified the issue
  2. Created a scope of work
  3. Quoted the work

It is time to pick a time to do it.


Step 5:
Initial Assessment

Edmonton Home Leveling

When we first arrive we remove the skirting if needed and do a complete measure of how the home is currently sitting. We then plot that and visually show you and confirm that the issues you observed will be alleviated by being level. It is now when we decide how much and where we are lifting or lowering the mobile home. Typically the best solution is to raise everything to the highest point if there are additions attached to the home sometimes it is best to level the home based off that. We will also bring any other potential issues to your attention at this time to ensure we are all on the same page and can ensure your satisfaction.


Step 6:
Set up Jacking Stations

ALberta modular manufacture home leveling equitment

Next, we set up multiple hydraulic jacks on base pads.

We place them in such a way to reduce stress on the home’s frame, while also getting maximum load bearing capabilities to effectively get the frame off the current loading blocks so we can adjust their height equal to what we decided previously.


Step 7:
Mobile Home Leveling

Mobile Home Leveling

Now that we are all set up and able to lift the home, we measure the current height compared to where we want it, lift the weight of the blocking and adjust it to match. If we are making major 1-3″ adjustments, we will do them in smaller 0.25-0.5″ increments, again to reduce stress on the structure.

If we are replacing blocking we would do it during this stage.


Step 8:
Double, Triple Check

Leveling Cabin Alberta

Once we have gone and levelled each section of the home with each other, we do another complete measure to verify everything is within tolerance. We then go back to you to check that all the initial issues are solved in addition to having you check all doors and windows. Windows and doors should open and latch smoothly and doors should not swing open or shut.

Step 9:
Finishing up

Manufactured home skirting and leveling

Lastly, we load up everything, re-install skirting if required and collect the final payment.


Step 10:

Before we leave, we will give you a business card and ask you to give us a review online and keep us in mind to refer your friends and neighbours to also benefit from our services.

If you would like to have your mobile home levelled please get an online estimate or:

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