Not only do we strive for excellence in the work we do, but we also work to streamline the process from the first contact with us to successful project completion.


How to interface with us

For safety and efficiency, our office staff work remotely from their home offices.

Our customer success agents and sales department can handle all new phone inquiries as well as answer any of your questions throughout the process.

You can communicate with us via phone, text or email. All communications are automatically documented and attached to your file in our online system.

Quotes, documents and contracts are processed digitally via email.

Getting started

To best help you, we will ask a lot of questions to gather information as part of our Needs Analysis.

All projects big or small, start here.

Click here to learn about our Need Analysis process

Getting a quote

After we have completed the needs analysis we should be ready to provide a quote via email for the recommended solution(s) specific to your project.

We are not the typical contractor who gives a low estimate to win the job just to have surprise additional costs happen throughout the project.

We do fixed cost quotes meaning you pay for results and unless the scope of work changes, the price for the work is guaranteed to be what was quoted.

Finalizing documents

After we have agreed upon the solution and price, we generate a scope of work and a contract outlining the work to be done, the warranty, payment options and schedule.

Upon e-signing the document we typically collect the initial deposit and then are able to allocate material and resources to your project and get you in the queue to be booked in to have the work completed.

Waiting for project start

Depending on availability, we typically are anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months booked up in advance for major projects with the ability to squeeze in minor projects here and there.

After you are booked you will be given your project’s foreman’s contact information to get updates on your project and to ask any specific questions related to your scope.

Due to Alberta’s weather, supply chains and current health mandates we may experience weather delays, material delays or a shortage of technicians to complete your project. We strive to take these factors into account but we appreciate your understanding if projects are needing to be rescheduled or take longer than the initially suggested timeframe.

Project start

When we are completing your project, safety and efficiency are our top priorities. We will mark off our worksite and require all non-authorized persons, children and pets to be kept out of the worksite.

We may be on site with multiple trucks and trailers depending on the scope, so please work with your project foreman as needed for access or parking concerns.

Depending on the project’s payment schedule, we may require a second payment at the project start.

During the project

We strive to keep a clean and safe worksite. We follow local noise by-laws but certain projects require the use of power tools, jackhammers, generators and other load equipment.

For multi-day projects we will do a clean-up and leave the worksite as organized as possible, if you will require access to the worksite while we are gone please discuss with your project foreman to ensure we can accommodate safe access.

Project Completion

After the project is completed, the foreman with go through the scope of work with you and answer any questions you have.

You will then sign a project completion form and be asked for feedback regarding your experience with us.

After the project completion form is signed final payment is due.

You will then be provided with any applicable warranty documents relating to the work.

Then what

We truly appreciate our customers’ business and strive to offer the best service from start to finish and beyond. We are proud to offer warranties with all of our services and a membership program for continual monitoring and maintenance.