We offer a multitude of crawl space and egress solutions for modular and mobile homeowners.

Below we have broken them down into Minor Services and Major Projects so you have a better idea of how much effort we will need to put in to put together a game plan for your solution.

Minor Services:

Minor Services are projects with a scope of work that take minimal preparation, have fewer variables and 1 or 2 technicians can easily complete in a single day. 

Minor Jacking Services

  • Re-levelling single or double-wide less than 3” out of level 

Minor Plumbing Services

  • Installing heat tape 
  • Water meter installs 
  • Thawing plumbing lines 

Minor Misc. Services

  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Dryer vent installation, repair or cleaning 
  • Anchors 

Minor Water Mitigation Services

  • Downspout extensions 

    Minor Belly Repair Services

    • Re-wrap old repairs
    • Tape minor holes 

    Note: Get True reserves the right to classify projects on a case-by-case basis and the above is just example guidelines and your project specifics may differ.

    Major Projects:

    Major projects involve larger scopes of work that take more planning, have more moving parts and may take a crew 1 or more days to complete.

    Major Jacking Projects

    • Re-level of multiple attached structures  
    • Lift, level and shim (over 3” out of level)  
    • Complete Re-block 
    • Beam and block  
    • Jack and Slide  

    Note: Access to under the home and clearance may affect the price

    Major Belly Wrap Projects

    • Whole house re-insulate and wrap 
    • Section re-insulate and wrap 

    Major Plumbing Projects

    • Pex repiping   

    Major Skirting Projects 

    • Metal ribbed insulated skirting (4 colour options)  
    • Vinyl Skirting
    • Skirting Insulation (add behind existing)  
    • Venting upgrades (mechanically vented, conditioned vented, circulated)  


    • Crawl Space Sealing (White 10mil vapour barrier taped)  
    • Must also be paired with insulated skirting, mechanical ventilation system, crawlspace cleaning and levelling/re-block 

    Major Water Mitigation Projects

    • French Drains
    • Weeping tile and sumps
    • Eavestrough installation 


    • Basic Deck Packages
    • Upgrade leg supports
    • Install new steps and/or railing 

    Projects on homes over 20 years old typically include some form of complexity that increase the project costs.

    For more information on what solutions may be best for your projects, please complete one of our Needs Analysis Options to find out.