We offer a variety of skirting solutions.

Modular Home Vinyl Skirting

Whether you are starting new, upgrading or replacing damaged skirting we are here to help you.

There are many reasons and ways to skirt your home.

We believe it is important to have quality skirting installed on your home to:

  • Reduce temperature fluctuations under the home
  • Ensure proper ventilation to remove harmful moisture
  • Seal below the home from animals
  • Increase curb appealĀ 

A damaged or poorly installed skirting job can fail to achieve this and won’t help to stop damages and can even lower the value of your home.

The most common damage to skirting comes from it being hit by things such as rocks from the lawn mower, balls being kicked at it, weed eater getting to close.

Another issue we see frequently is the skirting being crushed by the home settling and squishing the skirting. Even after re-leveling the home, very commonly the skirting will still be damaged.

We offer a simplified installation of panel replacement in addition to complete installations.

Skirting Installation Options

Vinyl Skirting

The most common and economical skirting solution. This skirting can look great and last many years. It is the most fragile and brittle during the winter.

Ground frost heaves and home settling among and impacts are the primary cause of damage. Areas that experience strong winds and/or hail are advised to utilize another product.

Cost for a complete install averages at around $2,500

Insulated Vinyl Skirting

Similar to the common vinyl skirting, the insulated skirting is far more rigid and offer the benefits of energy efficiency within the home in addition to reducing the chance of plumbing freeze ups by keeping below the warm warmer during the winter months.

Cost for a complete install averages at around $6,000

Insulated Ribbed Metal Skirting

Insulated Skirting

Strength, color choice, and great R-value.

Made in Alberta.

Choose commercial metal insulated panels.

Cost for a complete install averages at around $5,500

Insulated Stucco Skirting

Textured Insulated Panel

These panels are a combination of rigid insulation, metal and a textured finish.

The trim is made of steel with a textured finish.

Made in Alberta.

Cost for a complete install averages at around $7,500

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