With over a decade of experience with modular and mobile homes, we have noticed these homes haven’t always been as energy-efficient and sealed as new builds are now.

Imagine a home build to a previous building code, then throw in some plumbing repairs causing lacking floor insulation, broken siding and skirting, out of level windows doors with huge gaps.

Your reality becomes a furnace that is constantly running and still freezing floors and drafty areas.

If you can relate, then we have some good news for you.

Get True has the tools and techniques to offer their typical services year-round, but also are happy to offer additional services specific to modular and mobile homes to solve some common issues that literally has homeowners burning money.


Winter Services

See below for further details on each service
  • Window Sealing
  • Door Sealing
  • Skirting Sealing
  • Belly Bag Repairs
  • Hot Water Tank Insulating
  • Heat Tape


Window Sealing

Windows are a huge culprit when it comes to heat loss. The glass has a super low R-value, even with dual pane windows still contribute much of the cooling happening in a room.

We offer multiple solutions from re-sealing/caulking the windows inside and out. As well as installing window films to create an additional air gap.

It is a minimal increase in R-value, but small improvements and stopping drafts will have a direct positive effect on your heating bill.

Door Sealing

Doors, just like windows can be a major contributor to heat loss of a home.

Especially when a home is out of level gaps are typically found at areas around the perimeter of the door.

Even when the home is level the weather stripping and door sweep may wear out and need to be replaced to properly seal around the door and the jam.

We not only offer the levelling of the home to get your doors sitting true. We can also install weather stripping and sweeps to help keep the drafts to a minimum.


Skirting Sealing

Ventilation in the crawl space below your home is important during warmer months to eliminate humidity build-up below the home that could lead to rot or mould.

During the cold months when there is no humidity, the airflow can cause other issues from the cold blowing through the crawl space.

Some skirting systems have vents that are close-able. Typical vinyl skirting with vented panels and especially holes could sure use our services to get sealed during the winter.

We have a few solutions depending on your circumstances. For small holes we can use a special white outdoor rated tape and for larger issues or to switch out panels that are vented, we can supply and install new solid skirting panels.

If you are really serious about keeping your pipes and floor warmer

We offer insulated metal skirting to replace your existing skirting or we can install insulation behind your existing skirting.

TruSkirt Metal Insulated Skirting
Insulate behind existing Skirting

Belly Bag Repairs

Far too often we see homes with insulation missing in the floor systems due to issues during transportation and installation or most commonly from plumbing repairs.

Belly repairs can be tricky to patch, even when repairs are attempted, if not done properly and just taped up with standard tape, it will eventually fail. Gravity then can pull the insulation out of the floor onto the ground.

Not only can we come and assess below your home to make recommendations, but we also can re-insulate and properly install the underbelly membrane with specially designed glue and tape to keep it there.


Hot Water Tank Insulation

In most models of modular and mobile homes, the hot water tank is in its own enclosed closet. The water tank closet ends up being a room colder than the rest of the home from the combination of the room not having a duct from the furnace, being on an exterior wall and in some cases has a fresh air vent to outside.

These tanks are meant to always have hot water in them, and as the water cools it re-heats it to always have hot water ready for use. The tanks come insulated, but they are the same amount of insulation as a tank found in a basement of a home that isn’t in nearly as cold of a space.

To help the tank have to re-heat the waterless, we offer adding additional insulation to keep the heat in longer to help lower your heating bill.

Heat Tape

There are multiple products to choose from to protect your water and plumbing pipes from freezing in the cold winters.

You need to match the right product with the right install. Some are even at the risk of overheating or failing if not installed perfectly.

We don’t use run of the mill heat tape found at your typical hardware store.
Safer and functional we use a high-quality self-regulated heat tape.

The self-regulating takes away the worry of overheating while providing the most peace of mind that you will get the heat you need without the dangers you don’t.

Choose us to protect below your home. Too often we are called out for a re-level due to waterlines breaking and saturating the ground causing the foundation to sink.

Be proactive and have our technician replace and upgrade your home.

We use the best cable solution. We also install a double foil reflective bubble wrap insulation around it to keep the heat where it needs to be.


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